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The Application Process For
Your Next Lease In Orlando

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The Application Process For Your Next Lease In Orlando

The Application Process Explained

On this page, we outline the renter application process in detail. From scheduling showings to qualifications and documentation, to rules, deadlines, deposits, and fees, everything you need to know about applying for a lease with Manager Prop can be found below.

Section By Section

For your convenience, we've organized the application process into 6 easy-to-navigate sections. Feel free to jump to the section most pertinent to your needs!

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Scheduling A Showing To
View A Rental Property

All prospect tenants must pre-qualify before scheduling a showing with Manager Prop.

Proof of income for employees are the last two months of pay stubs, for self-employed last year's tax return, or sometimes we will consider 12 months of bank Statements.

To pre-qualify, you must submit proof of income to Manager Prop before scheduling to view any of our rental properties. This information will be kept privately and will only be used to confirm if prospect tenant is qualified.

If you have a real estate agent representing yourself, all showings must be scheduled with your agent.

Important Information Regarding
The Application Process

The application fee is $50 per person, all adults over 18 must apply.

If supporting documents are not submitted with the application, the applicant will lose his/her lease priority and the next application in line will be processed.

We at Manager Prop adhere strictly to the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Depending on the property you are applying for, there could be an additional HOA application fee that you would pay directly to the HOA.

If any information is found to be inaccurate or incomplete, the application will not be processed, and applicant will lose his/her place in line.

All personal information acquired by Manager Prop will be considered confidential and used by our company only to determine the applicant's qualifications and to ensure the legality of the whole process.

If application is approved, there is a lease preparation fee of $150 due before the lease is signed.

After processing the application, Manager Prop will immediately notify applicants of approval or denial.

Property will not be removed from the market until at least one security deposit is paid in full.

Once a prospect tenant applies, it takes an average of 3 business days for Manager Prop to process the application and reach a final decision. However, the approval process may take more or less time depending on various circumstances.

The applicant will have 48 hours from notification to complete all lease requirements in order to secure the property.

If more than one applicant has applied for a property, the applicant with the highest rating may be selected.

In order to expedite your application, applicants must fill out the application accurately and completely, and send all supporting documents as quickly as possible.

Tenant must view the property in person or sign an unseen addendum.

Keys will be released only after first month rent and deposits have been paid in full and evidence has been provided that utilities are in the tenant's name.

Property will be delivered in good condition and must be returned in same condition.

First/last month rent and deposits must be paid with money order or cashier's check.

If any repairs are needed, they must first be approved by Manager Prop.

All information provided must be accurate and legible.

No verbal agreement will be acknowledged.

Supporting Documents

Find below a list of supporting documents that must be submitted along with the application.

Manager Prop

Applicant's Photo ID & Social Security Card

Colored copy of all applicants' government ID (driver's license, ID card, or passport), and a copy of the Social Security Cards, ITIN Letter or US Visa (may have exception).

Manager Prop

Proof Of Income

For employees last two months of pay stubs, for self-employed last year's tax return, or sometimes we will consider 12 months of bank statements.

Manager Prop

Proof Of Residency

Copy of your current lease agreement, deed, or mortgage bill.

Approval Criteria

Find below the criteria used to determine application approval.

Household gross income must be at least 3x the rent amount.
No eviction in the last 7 years.
All applicants must have satisfactory criminal records.
Satisfactory leasing history or home ownership.
At least one applicant must have satisfactory credit rating.

Security Deposits

Find below the criteria used to determine how many deposits will be required.

If credit score is 700+, Manager Prop will require first month rent + 1 month deposit.
If credit score is between 660 and 699, Manager Prop will collect first month rent + 2 months deposit.
If credit score is below 660, or if there is no credit score, such as for foreigners moving to the US with no credit history, Manager Prop will need to collect 1st and last month rent and 2 months deposit.
Pet Friendly Policies

Pet Friendly Policies

Pets are allowed in some properties.
It is highly recommended to check before applying.
Applicants must submit pet's photo, age, and weight with the application.
An additional pet fee of $400.00 is required ($200 refundable and $200 nonrefundable).
Service animals are accepted but supporting information will be required.


We may grant exceptions, but it is not guaranteed.
It is highly recommended to ask before applying.
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